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A simple scripting language to automate the boring stuff.

RPScript provides a framework that simplifies automation. The syntax is designed to be intuitive and straightforward, allowing you to write scripts without the need for in-depth programming knowledge.

In short, it allows you to replace this:

var R = require('ramda');

console.log( R.repeat("Hello world",3) );

with this:

log repeat "Hello world" 3


var download = require('download');
var csvParse = require('csv-parse/lib/sync');
var AdmZip = require('adm-zip');
var R = require('ramda');
var fs = require('fs');

download('https://data.gov.sg/dataset/dba9594b-fb5c-41c5-bb7c-92860ee31aeb/download', '.').then(() => {
    var zip = new AdmZip("./download.zip");


    var content = fs.readFileSync('temp/data-gov-sg-dataset-listing.csv');

    var orgs = csvParse(content , {columns:true});

    var orgList = R.uniq(R.pluck('organisation',orgs));

    console.log(orgList); //print out the list of organisations

with this:

download "https://data.gov.sg/dataset/dba9594b-fb5c-41c5-bb7c-92860ee31aeb/download"

extract "download.zip" "./temp/"

csv-to-data --columns=true read-file "temp/data-gov-sg-dataset-listing.csv" | as "dataset"

log uniq pluck 'organisation' $dataset


Prerequisite: NodeJS

npm i -g rpscript

This will install a global command line in your machine.

Module installation.

rps install basic

Create a file "helloworld.rps" and add this line:

log repeat "hello world " 3

Go to the terminal, and run the command:

rps helloworld.rps

Getting Started

Getting started guide is available at Getting Started.


Usage guide is available at Usage


Hello world

Ascii Art with Figlet


Table generation from CSV file

Data Analysis from CSV file


Name Status Description Doc
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Beeper npm version Make terminal beeps. Here
CSV npm version CSV utility. Here
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Downloading npm version File Download. Here
Figlet npm version Ascii Art. Here
File npm version File system. Here
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_ _ More coming soon _


What is RPScript?

RPScript is a scripting language for process automation.

Why do I need RPScript if I can use Python, Javascript for automation?

Unlike general purpose languages such as Python and Javascript, RPScript has only one specific goal, process automation.

General purpose languages are powerful and flexible. However, it tends to compensate by having complicated syntax and language features. In the end, you have to deal with boilerplates and unnecessary steps, making it hard to perform even a simple task.

RPScript goal is to make the syntax compact. Ideally, every action models as close to a single process as possible.

Is it stable?

It is currently in Alpha; I will appreciate if you can give it a try and provide your valuable feedback.

Is rpscript a node.js library?

RPScript is a transpiler that transpiles to javascript. It runs on top of Node.JS.

Most, if not, all the modules are wrappers that utilize what that the npm ecosystem already provided.


James Chong (@wei3hua2)


0.3.1 - Fixes: #1 #2

0.3.0 - Initial alpha release

Copyright and Licence

Code released under Apache 2.0

Image created by Freepik